What will the next power outage cost your business?

In 2017 over 3,500 power outages left 36.7 million people nationwide with no power.

Homeowners lost their lights and internet, their air conditioning and appliances. In some tragic cases, the outages shut down lifesaving medical equipment for the sick and elderly.

Meanwhile, for the many businesses that could no longer run their computer systems or process transactions, losing power meant losing revenue and customers—sometimes permanently.

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*Data from eaton blackout and power outage tracker 

We are PowerON

In the event of an outage — however unexpected, however long it lasts — our backup generators keep the power flowing. Your lights stay on. Your vital systems and equipment stay running. Your home life is uninterrupted, your business is business as usual.

Common Causes for Outages

Common Outages - storms


Storms and lightning, high winds and ice, are the primary causes of widespread power outages. 

Common Outages - Trees


From high winds, to untrained trimming professionals, trees are the second most common reason for outages. 

Cause of Common Outages - Public


Accidents or construction can cause broken poles or downed power lines causing extended power outages.

Common Outages - Earthquakes


Quakes often damage electrical systems and disrupt power.

How can we help?

We are a team of professionals providing backup electricity to a wide range of customers throughout the Bay Area — and beyond.  We are engineers, electricians, and construction professionals who offer expertise, technical support, sales and excellent customer service. 

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Our technical team is made up of industry leaders, many of them active members of IEEE professional committees and / or the California interconnection Committee. Together, we have considerable experience working in electric utilities across the United States, including decades of experience in engineering, R&D, and construction. 

We have access to best-in-class manufacturers, equipment, and devices — and we put them all in service to provide exceptionally reliable backup power for our customers.

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What our
Customers say

PowerOn solutions have helped thousands of customers! Take a look at what some of them have to say.

Grocery Manager
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“Now that I have a permanent backup power generation system installed on my premises, I didn’t have to throw away any food.”
Winery Owner
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"Our facility processed $40,000 worth of fruits during the last power outage. Our power generation system paid for itself after just one outage event."
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"Our orthodontist practice grosses $20,000 a day on average. Closing down for an outage is not an option, which is why we opted for a backup power solution.”
Restaurant Owner
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“I don’t have a backup generator system and I ended up throwing away thousands of dollars’ worth of soiled food in the last outage.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A backup generator is an electrical system that runs and operates independently that starts up providing power when it senses a power loss.

Let Us Help You.

We’re here to help you find the generator that best meets your needs. Combining the right choice of equipment with our expert installation adds up to a power supply that’s worry-free. Always.

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